Catania, mother tired of the beatings denounces her son

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The carabinieri of the Radiomobile Nucleus of the Provincial Command of Catania have a 49-year-old from Catania was arrested, as he was seriously suspected of mistreatment in his family.
The operations center had received a request for intervention from a woman who, in particular, warned the operator that she had given assistance to a neighbor who was victim of the violence perpetrated by her son.

The soldiers who went to the scene, inside a building in the historic center of Catania, found that the victim, a 74-year-old woman, was still housed in the neighboring house.
The woman, still in pain and with bruises on her arms as a testimony of the attack of her son (a bruise would even have been caused by a bite), before being entrusted to the care of the 118 staff, she reported to the military that she had never reported her son for fear of harming the latter, as well as for fear of his consequent retaliation.

Only after the last episode, due to its violence, she would have decided to ask for help fearing for her own safety and that of her husband, also elderly and unable to physically fight his son.
In fact, the latter, also due to alcohol abuse, had significantly worsened his behavior towards his parents in recent times, showing himself to be increasingly aggressive and violent.

In the circumstance, the soldiers, who went inside the apartment shared with the parents, had to fight the man’s reaction to them too: first verbal, with insulting phrases and serious threats, then passed to de facto with kicks in order to wriggle out.
The man, formerly associated with the Catania prison in Piazza Lanza, was subjected to house arrest following the outcome of the validation hearing with the application of an electronic bracelet.


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