Catania, Mm! to taste the best fish there is

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In the 70s in via Pardo at n.
34 the butcher Marino was born.
Tradition, selection of the raw material, passion courtesy, a lot of work and smiles have created over time a point of reference for the many patrons of the typical Catania fish market.
As a tradition, the sons Gaetano and Carmelo following in their father’s footsteps approached the butcher’s shop while cultivating their personal passions made of art and cooking.

So year after year, experience after experience, an idea that is as simple as it is right develops.
Transforming a part of the butcher’s shop into a typical Catania restaurant …
of fish.
And yes, because via pardo is in the heart of what is considered one of the most important fish markets in Italy.

So in 2011 the idea becomes reality.
The restaurant comes to life.
A name had to be thought of.
Simply thought of the acronym of Macelleria Marino and so the restaurant became Mm !! which coincidentally is also that moan of satisfaction after enjoying a good dish.

Gaetano in the dining room and to manage administrative matters and Carmelo in the kitchen have become a small institution on Via Pardo and Mm !! has become a destination for tourists and people from Catania who want to enjoy simple, genuine cuisine based on strictly fresh fish, traditional dishes and authentic goodies such as swordfish parmigiana, octopus caponata, tuna sausage, and innovative dishes born from pure passion for this job.

In the dining room concrete and important help also comes from Raffaele and Mery and in the kitchen first from the mother of Gaetano and Carmelo, an excellent cook, and then from Salvo who in a few months has become an excellent partner in the kitchen demonstrating passion and competence.
An important turning point in 2018.
First the birth, always in the beloved via Pardo, of mm street food, then the restructuring of the historic mm !! creating a larger and more captivating room, a spacious and modern kitchen, a large and refined wine cellar with organic and natural Sicilian cellars with an interesting and original wine list.

Mm street food in a few months has established itself as a place for tourists and people from Catania, where to celebrate street food based on fish.
The fish arancini, the gourmet sandwiches, the fish hot dog, the fish burger, the frying pan are some of the dishes for lovers of the genre and for those looking for an alternative to the classic fish restaurant.

And for the future? ……
We’ll see.
The passion and the story continues.


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