Catania-Messina Motorway "An infernal circle"


GIARDINI NAXOS (ME) – "This highway has turned into a real winter group", this is the phrase that has been heard for weeks now by motorists who in these days of vacation have chosen to venture onto the Catania – Messina to reach some of the most beautiful beaches of Ionian Sicily, in addition to the splendid pearl of the Mediterranean Taormina. And unfortunately, also this morning, the traffic is completely blocked on the arterial road that connects the two important cities of Eastern Sicily. Long lines and delays of kilometers and kilometers. And the queues already depart at the toll booths of San Gregorio. The causes? The endless building sites, which have also become the ‘topic’ of political tussle between Cas and the Region. And then the inadequate tollgates to be able to absorb the mass of presences that every year punctually occurs in summer and on weekends. And yes …

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