Catania man acquitted of minor abuse after 7 years

The judges of the IV criminal section of the Court of Catania have acquitted a 51-year-old man accused of forcing his partner’s daughter to endure sexual acts between the summer of 2014 and January 2015. The defendant’s lawyer, Pietro Ivan Maravigna, states that he feels a mixture of joy and bitterness in the face of the verdict. The process lasted an incredibly long seven years, causing psychological annihilation to the defendant and ultimately convincing the prosecution to request his acquittal. The lawyer expresses bitterness towards the excessive investigative zeal during the preliminary investigations, despite clear and specific invitations from the judge to exercise caution in evaluating the statements made by the minor. From this case, the lawyer concludes that greater attention should be given to all forms of abuse against vulnerable individuals, while also emphasizing the importance of meticulous investigation and identification of false allegations, as a false accusation can destroy a person, and a verdict after seven years can only partially limit the damage.

Catania, dopo 7 anni assolto dalle accuse di abusi su minore

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