Catania like a burning match, Cristaldi Constant monitoring activity

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Hot and arsonists.
Also this year the fire season arrived on time, indeed a few weeks in advance.
The high temperatures from the red dot are fueling several fires, where the hand of arsonists is not to be excluded, indeed it is almost certain.
Fires are active almost everywhere throughout the province and every day there are fire brigade teams from the ground and Canadair from the sky in action.

Not only vegetation and rural areas, the fires are closely linked to another problem: that of waste, which is set on fire becoming the vehicle of an emergency within an emergency: the environmental one.
An issue that, as always, triggers political debate.
There are those who point the finger at the Musumeci government, which this year has allocated 66 million euros to the firefighting campaign, accused of having delayed the fire prevention campaign and of “waste” such as the purchase of drones , which would have been technically inadequate to deal with the fires.

For the ARS anti-mafia commission, the situation of fires must be kept under constant observation throughout the year, not only close to the summer season: “It is certainly not enough to limit yourself to anticipating the fire season – reads the report -, it is also necessary to guarantee greater efficiency in the prevention and fight against fires through some interventions that appear no longer to be postponed.
A new policy for the personnel of the Forestry Corps in uniform, which guarantees the full satisfaction of needs, both in terms of numbers and in terms of the average age of the workers “.
If the conditions in which fires arise are known to all, the reasons for those who decide to start a fire are less clear, causing serious damage to the naturalistic and landscape heritage of the area.
The Commission in a recent hearing listed some of them: from the destruction of forests for the creation of arable land and grazing land to the construction business on rural land.
In short, fires triggered to be extinguished first and then speculate on them.

Cristaldi: “Constant monitoring of the territory”

Prevention and vigilance to avert forest fires, with specific measures for the shores of the Plaia di Catania, including a fire-fighting watchtower that will be manned by volunteers, and the presence of a tank truck in the area.
The measures are part of the plan prepared between the Civil Protection and the Municipality: “We have collected all the reports from the municipalities and citizens – explains the councilor with responsibility for Civil Protection, Michele Cristaldi – mapping all those that may be the areas at risk and intervene in a preventive manner.
Clearly this is an activity carried out in synergy between the Municipality, the Regional Department of Civil Protection and the Prefecture.
This year, great attention is paid to the Plaia area where we have implemented an enhanced prevention and surveillance plan “.

Attention remains high also with regard to waste with related fires: “With the municipal police – concludes Cristaldi – we have put in place a supervisory and monitoring plan.
We obviously rely on the common sense of citizens.
We are monitoring the situation constantly ”.

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