Catania lido owner accused of working without medical check-ups

The Carabinieri of the Catania Fontanarossa company carried out checks at a well-known beach establishment, verifying that the employees had not undergone the required medical examinations. As a result, the owner was reported and fined approximately 1,300 euros. During the inspection of the parking areas, the military also found that the owner had not submitted the required administrative declaration to the Municipality, known as “Scia”, which is mandatory for any activity. Therefore, the open-air parking lot created by the owner, which also lacked a driveway, was deemed illegal, resulting in an additional fine of 1,200 euros. Furthermore, traffic checks were conducted to target driving behaviors that could endanger personal safety and public security. Out of 28 individuals checked and 13 vehicles stopped, four violations of the traffic code were identified, including failure to present the vehicle registration and failure to wear a protective helmet.

Catania, al lavoro in un lido della Playa senza avere fatto le visite mediche: denunciato il titolare

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