Catania kissed by the sun and the yellow zone, Sunday at the seafront between masks and desire for normality

CATANIA – It’s a Sunday of Sun is temperatures spring the one that is kissing the Etna capital and that has pushed many citizens to enjoy a few moments of lightheartedness outside.

There confusion to the seafront of Catania, albeit in the period of Covid emergency, not lacking: it is the typical one of a Sunday that heralds the imminent spring.

If any gathering “escapes”, at least the masks seem not to be missing. In fact, there seem to be more people who wear it than those who use it as a scarf, bracelet or who don’t have it with them.

Photo by Salvatore Rocca

Couples, families and friends stroll around chatting about this and that. There are those who jog and those who pedal using the cycle path of Viale Ruggero di Lauria. A scenario similar to that already recorded yesterday in the Etna capital and in line with the less restrictive measures envisaged by the area yellow in which the Sicily currently stands.

There want of normality is palpable, but taking advantage of a few hours of relaxation is possible, without putting aside one’s duty and civic sense in a delicate moment like the one we are experiencing: just don’t neglect your own safety and that of others e respect the standards anti-Covid that we have come to know by heart (hopefully) during this long year characterized by the fight against the Coronavirus.

Photo by Salvatore Rocca