Catania, infects wife with transfusion, Ministry condemned

He passed on to her hepatitis C after contracting her from an infected blood bag. For the Etna court, the state is also responsible for the second case and will have to pay three hundred and fifty thousand euros

If a spouse, who has contracted hepatitis due to blood transfusions, infects his wife, the Ministry of Health is also liable for the second case of transmission of the disease.

This was established by the Court of Catania which sentenced the department to compensate the couple with three hundred and fifty thousand euros.

At the center of the proceedings is the story of a man who, following periodic blood transfusions given him in the 1980s in a hospital in Catania, contracted AIDS and hepatitis C due to infected blood. Later, involuntarily, he infected liver disease at the wife.

For this reason they both asked the Ministry of Health to be compensated for the damage suffered by entrusting the task of assisting them to the lawyer Silvio Vignera.

The appraisal of the Technical Consultant appointed by the Court ascertained the causal link between the transfusions carried out on the man and the HIV and hepatitis C pathologies contracted by the applicant and that it was he who subsequently transmitted the liver disease to his wife .

According to the Court, the couple’s pathologies both derived, directly or indirectly, from the transfusion of infected blood and, accepting the request of the lawyer Vignera, condemned the Ministry of Health to compensate the couple with three hundred and fifty thousand euros.

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