Catania industrial area, council approves projects for 10 million euros of works in the road system

Catania industrial area

CATANIA – Decisive step of the Municipal Administration to use with a strict time schedule in order to award the works by the end of the year, ten million euros of the Region destined by the Pact for the development of the industrial area of ​​Catania. The municipal council chaired by Salvo Pogliese, on the proposal of the commissioner Pippo Arcidiacono, has in fact approved the projects necessary to draw on funding and open construction sites to redevelop the road layout of areas with a high density of industrial settlements, for decades without adequate maintenance. and for this reason it causes flooding and inconvenience for the companies that operate there. The documents drawn up by internal staff of the Municipality concern the reconstruction of the pavement of roads and sidewalks in the districts, the so-called “Blocks” Giancata, Passo Martino and Torrazze, of the industrial area and with them also the contextual commitment to identify the contractor for the execution of the works by the end of the year.

The objective of the Municipal Administration is to carry out interventions to improve traffic and increase the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic along some road sections of the development areas, mainly used by heavy vehicles, even fully loaded, currently uneven and dangerous.

The intervention adopted by the Executive, aims at the arrangement of the road pavement reserved for vehicular traffic and at the edge of the roadway, at the reconstruction of deteriorated pavements, at an adequate rationalization of sub-services aimed at guaranteeing connections with companies and safeguarding the road surface from subsequent interventions and the restoration of the guardrails largely dating back to the 70s of the last century.

“A fact of extraordinary importance – explained the mayor Pogliese – which completes the commitments we had assumed at our settlement to modernize the industrial area, promising that it would be at the center of our administrative action. And as we have said on other occasions, that promise now becomes even more concrete, thanks to the projects presented for the ten million euros of the remodeling of the funds of the Pact for Sicily, wanted by the president of the Musumeci region, which will allow us to open new construction sites; which are added to the 20.6 million that we have committed as a municipal council (instead of the 12.5 originally foreseen, with an increase of almost 70%) by reshaping the appropriations included in the pact for Catania “

In detail, the redevelopment of via Giovanni Anfuso is already being completed; the interventions in the Sic area have been completed; the redevelopment of public lighting is largely completed and work is underway for the new police station, established in recent years. Furthermore, the works for the reconstruction of the water network (4.1 million euros) and two other interventions for the reconstruction of the SS 114 from Maristaeli to Ponte Primosole and via Pittari (3 million) were also contracted with projects already executive i whose works will be started within this year, projects on which the commissioner Giuseppe Arcidiacono has a specific delegation to the industrial area.

The mayor Salvo Pogliese also recalled how “even in the provincial road 69 / I, about five kilometers long, with four lanes with traffic divider, the works have been delivered and started; the only artery belonging to the Metropolitan City Authority, which crosses the entire industrial area, where large warehouses and commercial centers of strategic importance arise, while Pubbliservizi is creating the new signage. The very important work in progress of reconstruction of the water, drinking and industrial distribution networks, solving the problem of water shortage in the Pantano and Pezza Grande blocks and the historic transfer of responsibilities from the regional Irsap body to the Municipality and Sidra, finally clarifying competences and responsibility. After decades of neglect – concluded Pogliese – we are solving, also thanks to the synergy with the regional government and the fruitful confrontation with trade unions and employers, the structural problems of an area that produces 15% of the Sicilian GDP, where they are developing. other important investments such as the gigafactory of Enel Green Power and another industrial giant that we hope to announce soon the signing of its development plan in our industrial area, with what follows in terms of related activities, including employment, for Catania and the south east of Sicily “.