Catania, in via Gemmellaro movida remains deaf to the rules: the police arrive

Many were entertaining themselves even dancing. From tonight it is forbidden to stay and park from 6.00 pm to 5.00 am the following day

Catania – Around 10.30 pm yesterday, patrols of the Municipal Police and the State Police, in garrison service in the historic center area, intervened in via Gemmellaro to dissolve a gathering of a few dozen people who, regardless of the provisions dictated by current legislation for the containment of the pandemic, they were entertaining, – and some of them even dancing -, without respecting the prescribed interpersonal distance and, above all, violating the curfew time of 22.00.

Upon arrival of the patrols, all of them fled hastily in order to avoid being identified and therefore fined accordingly (an administrative penalty of 400 euros). The public peace and above all the condition of regularity in the entire area of ​​Via Gemmellaro was thus reported, which was manned for another hour in order to prevent the new formation of gatherings.

We remind you that from tonight, and for the whole weekend, in various areas of the historic center, including the aforementioned street, there is a ban on staying and parking from 18.00 to 05.00 the following day, as well as the obligation to close at 20.00 all neighborhood businesses, as required by ordinances no. 29 and 31 of the mayor Salvo Pogliese.


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