Catania, in the courtroom the increase of the tax on waste by 18% the protest is triggered

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An increase of almost 20% which, for many, will fall on that small percentage of citizens who pay taxes.

A city on a war footing in Catania.
The hypothesis, increasingly concrete, that the City Council votes to increase the Tari by almost 20 percent, the tariff that, by law, is completely paid by the citizens, is provoking reactions from all sides.

The protest scheduled for tonight

Cittainsieme, Italian Left, Catania, a common good, young Sicilians, 5-star movement: tonight’s call to protest at Palazzo degli Elefanti against the feared increase is a transversal call.
Which would make Italy’s highest waste tariff even more expensive.
In the face of a service that – is there for all to see – remains lacking.
at least judging by the piles of garbage still piled up almost everywhere.
In particular where, just over a week ago, door-to-door collection has started.

City still overrun with waste

Pierpaolo Montalto, provincial coordinator of the Italian Left, calls the population together to protest against the increase in the Tari.
He does it by being filmed with a mountain of garbage behind him.
“The conditions in this city are dramatic – he says.
This is the effect of unacceptable choices.
The increase in the Tari is yet another offense to this city by this administration ”.

Increases needed, but who actually pays?

And this is the reason that pushed most people to the streets: the increases – necessary, according to the administration, for the higher landfill costs, and indeed limited thanks to the increase in collection, they always say from Palazzo – will pay that percentage of citizens who usually pay taxes.
And that, in Catania, would be just half of the population.
Maybe a few more.

Cittainsieme’s note

“We inform those honest citizens who pay the waste tax that the City Council has convened for today (Wednesday 29 at 7 pm) the discussion and approval of the 18% increase in the TARI – reads a note from the civic association.
In addition to the enormous damage – the mountains of waste on the street – the enormous insult – + 18% to those who already generously subsidize all those who do not pay for an indecent service! “

“Let’s wave the bills”

“We invite you to be present at the City Council by waving the receipted bills and proposing to the administrators of this city to pay them from now on this abuse that has now become the TARI, testimony of their inability to administer the city – continues the note.
We appeal to honest citizens, you have to make yourself heard! Because it is on you that the consequences of those who do not pay, of those who evade taxes fall.
The latter will not care about this umpteenth increase, because the tax evaders have never paid and will continue not to pay ”.

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