Catania, in the car with the family spurs the carabinieri he had drugs in his briefs

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The Carabinieri of the Sant’Agata Li Battiati station arrested a 36-year-old from Catania as a serious suspect of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

Last evening, around 10.30 pm, the patrol, in support of a wide-ranging service in the city center of Catania against drug dealing, crossed a Mercedes B-class car while passing through Via Principe Nicola in the district of Picanello actually conducted by the 36-year-old, their acquaintance due to his previous legal events, who traveled together with his family.

The military decided to follow him discreetly up to blocking him near Viale Libertà, when they proceeded to call him a halt, however, causing the reaction of the latter who engaged the reverse gear by ramming the military car several times in an attempt to escape, only to surrender once he is irremediably blocked.

Soon the military understood the reason for the man’s reaction because, following a personal search, from inside his briefs they extracted a plastic container inside which he had hidden about 100 grams of marijuana, which is why the 36-year-old he was placed under house arrest where he still remains as ordered by the judge at the outcome of the validation hearing.


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