Catania, how is the patient with monkeypox hospitalized at San Marco

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CATANIA – The conditions of the patient suffering from Smallpox of the Apes, hospitalized in isolation in the Infectious Diseases Unit ofSan Marco hospital from Catania I am stable.

The situation is under control thanks to the collaboration with i emergency rooms of the two company principals and to diagnosis carried out in a very short time from the laboratory of PolyclinicCoat” from Palermodirected by Francesco Vitale.

Arturo Montineri, doctor ofSan Marco hospital and director of the Department of Infectious Diseases highlighted in medical bulletin of the patient, that there is a reduction of skin lesions typical of the disease.
And that the patient remains hospitalized for the continuation of the investigations and treatment of the case.

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Sicilian news 2022-07-09 13:08:00

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