Catania. Hides drugs in the elevator shaft: arrested

THE Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Nucleus of the Provincial Command they arrested the 41-year-old Angelo Salvatore PANTÒ from Catania in the blatant state, as he was held responsible for the illicit possession and sale of drugs.

The crew of the gazelle, while passing through viale Nitta, noticed an excessive coming and going of cars that, after entering the square that existed there, stopped in front of street number 12, to stop for a few seconds and then move away.

The poor lighting in the area advised the carabinieri to get as close as possible to the entrance of the building where a subject was noticed who from a plastic bag held in hand, presumably, extracted from time to time the dose of narcotic to be delivered, in exchange of money, to the customer on duty.

The man, having seen the carabinieri, fled up the stairs of the building. Pursued by one of the operators he was reached on the first floor near the elevator shaft, the latter in disuse. To the military, who asked him what he was doing, he candidly replied that he was looking for a knife << I need to cut a piece of scacciata >>, that he had accidentally fallen into the elevator shaft.

Instead, the military recovered the envelope, inside which 33 doses of marijuana were found, as well as the 20 euros in cash that the pusher kept in the pocket of his pants.

Drugs and money were seized, while the arrested, waiting for the direct route, was relegated to house arrest.

February 26, 2021 | 04:50

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