Catania. He steals the catalyst from a car but is arrested

THE Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Nucleus of the Provincial Command arrested the 40-year-old Giovanni Sebastiano DESI from Catania, as he was held responsible for an attempted aggravated theft.

Yesterday morning a Carabinieri Brigadier, free from duty, was walking along via Sebastiano Catania when his attention was attracted by the presence of a man who, lying on the asphalt right under a regularly parked Audi A2 car, he was fumbling with some cutting tools.

The now well-known and unfortunately widespread propensity to theft of the exhaust system catalyst from parked cars, a favorite practice among unscrupulous operators of “do-it-yourself spare parts”, led the military to request the immediate help of colleagues to block the thief.

The DESI, who perhaps understood that he was being watched, was trying to get away with the stolen goods when he was stopped by the military, aided by the crew who arrived just then.

The subject, having completed the formalities of the rite, was placed under house arrest pending the decisions of the Judicial Authority.

07 April 2021 | 05:34