Catania: Guardia di Finanza seizes €86 million, issues three personal precautionary measures.

This morning, over 130 officers from the provincial command of the financial police in Catania are conducting a operation in Sicily and other regions (Campania, Lazio, Lombardy, and Veneto), executing an order for precautionary personal and asset measures. The operation, named Replay, was issued by the court of Catania, at the request of the Catania-District Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Office. The order involves 31 suspects, two of whom have already been linked to the Scalisi clan in a previous judicial measure. The operation is being carried out in collaboration with the central investigative service on organized crime (Scico) and with the support of provincial commands in Milan, Monza, Naples, Rome, Varese, and Verona. Three individuals are subject to personal precautionary measures, and assets totaling 86 million euros have been seized.

Catania, operazione della guardia di finanza: sequestri per 86 milioni e tre misure cautelari personali

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