Catania, great participation for the “Let’s light up the theater” initiative

CATANIA – Great success for theinitiative of protest civil who has turned the spotlight on the forced closing gods theaters following the situation Covid.

At the invitation of UNIT (National Union of Theater and Audiovisual Interpreters) il Must Musco Theater of Catania turned on again for one evening from 19.30 to 21.30 lights of its theater to welcome the very numerous public of aficionados and admirers who wanted to leave a thought, a phrase, a reflection in support of this place of art and culture.

Several interventions: “Theater in all its forms and manifestations constitutes ART that was born with man …“, Wrote Caterina Maccarrone,”… It is hunger for our souls and wealth for our spirit. The Theater must not die!“. More icastic Floriana recalled that “Culture is an extraordinary good like water; theaters, cinemas and museums are like many aqueducts. Don’t close them “. Caterina Belladonna used the verses to express her sense of light towards the theater: “A suspended gesture / hanging in the dark / a kiss never given / a fire without light / neither light nor voice / and the shadow is mine / only one / if the theater dies / the word dies“.

There were to welcome the large audience Joseph Dipasquale, artistic director of Must, Valeria Contadino president of Must, together with Steve Cable is Antonella Caldarella de La Casa di Creta and Teatro Argentum Potabile from this year residing at the Must Musco Teatro.

We appreciated the momentum – said Dipasquale – with whom President Draghi spoke in the Senate about theaters and theirs agony. Now we await concrete facts. With ten shopping centers open, we expect as many theaters to be open to give light to their stages“.

The silence of the central government does not represent the will of those who, like so many Italians, believe inart like free tool of growth, training is comparison”Commented Valeria Contadino. “We wonder why the Churches and all places of worship are open to the public and people can go to attend the services while it is forbidden to sit in an audience of a theater or a cinema as it is the seat of possible danger.”, Steve Cable and Antonella Caldarella added the dose.

But the only real star of the evening was the public which filled the square in front of the theater, in compliance with the anti-crowd rules and the closure imposed on theaters. He remained outside, but with his heart inside to hope and give courage, clamoring for this forced closure to end.

The thought left by Angelo Longo is simple and sincere: “My name is Angelo, I am forty years old and I am a lover of art and shows, because for me these are nourishment for the soul. Not being able to access the shows is a privation that I hope will end soon“.

Let’s shed some light on the theater”Is an initiative that involved Italian theaters, from small provincial theaters to large national theaters. From 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm on Monday 22 February, the halls returned to light up, with the lights being switched back on and the doors reopened. It was a strong and clear signal to let the whole of Italy know that theaters still exist and that they are suffering enormously from the closures which have lasted a year and that the continuation of this situation will only deeply affect the already many economic wounds. and social issues that this absurd virus has inflicted inexorably.