Catania Fish Market, Aci Castello and Aci Trezza! Catania City Tour Part 2 🇮🇹

The most energetic and vibrant day in the Sicilian city of Catania! In this episode, we dive headfirst into the fish market frenzy of …


  1. How beautiful! You made me see my city again through the eyes of two foreign tourists. You excited me! Thanks

  2. You missed via Plebiscito where you can eat horse meat or even piazza 4 canti.

  3. I was stationed there back in 07-09. Havent been back since. Wanted to take a trip down memory lane and found your video. Catania and Sicily is amazing! I miss it!

  4. It’s the symbol because there used to be dwarf elephants on the island before they went extinct. No one knows who made the elephant or exactly how old it is. Thanks guys

  5. A city that u must visit Is Ragusa, and also the cities near It: Ragusa Ibla, Vittoria, Comiso… I know these cities since i go there every year

  6. I’m leaving for Catania in 2 months and this video is being watched everyday until then

  7. Great channel guys, love the videos and the descriptions, very informative and well presented!

  8. This is so uncanny – guess what I was coincidentally making while you were eating pasta all norma ? Making pasta alla norma. Its a sign.

  9. St Agatha our patron saint. The elephant was made from lava stone but no one knows when… thousands of years ago we had pigmy elephants in Sicily. Hence why it is our cities symbol.

  10. And the port is behind the fountain of water… and mt etna covered it and u can still hear the ocean up through there. The port is over one thousand years old. The market seems tame to how I remember it haha great work guys. Safe and joyful travels x

  11. Omg the rocks were my mothers favourite as a child. I did this trip with my cousin many times while I lived here. Thank u so much this was so beautiful to see.

  12. I'm actually travelling in Sicily currently in very wet Modica as a solo traveller without a car 😲 hoping to get to Catania and Taormina. This video is super helpful🙏🙏 such a good vibe and some useful tips (the red bus😎). Thank you

  13. Omg I’m so glad we found this. That fish market is mental!! The smell is unbelievable, but the sheer theatre of the market is such a rush. Love it! Def going to be watching this on our big tv later. Thanks for sharing 🍻

  14. My family is Sicilian but I’ve lived in Belgium my whole life, and we’ve been going back to Sicily every year since I can remember. We were there just last month and I felt like we were running out of new places to visit close by. So thank you for these videos and the effort you put into them!

  15. Woooohhhoooo so excited about your trip. Loving your videos of Sicily. We will be using them as a guide for sn upcoming trip. Planning to go to Siracusa for two month in January 2022. Dying to see your video of Siracusa. Let us know when it's up. Keep up the great work and share. Andy and Tonie

  16. Ciao sono di Catania, vorrei sapere che drone avete usato? PS: la pasta alla norma non è assolutamente una specialità di Catania

  17. Thank you very much for your excitng documentaries! I know most of this places very good, since I have relatives in Catania and I've visited them since my childhood. I'm from Germany and can't wait to visit this beautful places again……when I see this amazing pictures, I can literally smell the air….😃

  18. You're both so delightful to watch. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. Quantu mi manca la me' Sicilia beddra!
    PS the monument dedicated to Vincenzo Bellini is actually written in older Italian, not Latin: "QUI NACQUE ADDI' III NOVEMBRE MDCCCI" which means Vincenzo Bellini was born here on the day 3 November 1801. Vi salutu carusi!

  19. Bellissimo anche questo video 👏 complimenti ragazzi siete bravissimi 👋👋🙋🙋❤️

  20. è davvero un peccato per tanti di noi catanesi aver dovuto lasciare questa splendida città….