Catania, fireworks for the baptism of the son: 25-year-old father denounced

The illegally exploded fireworks are now a daily constant in the life of the people of Catania. Not days go by, in fact, that at different times and districts illuminate, and often disturb, the evenings in the city. Sometimes they signal the release of a criminal or they celebrate their birthday from a distance, or they are a festive side dish for folkloristic parties in the street or in the squares for family occasions. A bad habit that has also extended beyond criminal environments.

The other evening a young 25-year-old father decided to give greater solemnity to the baptism of his son and, with about thirty family members to act as an audience, he detonated numerous fireworks in Piazza Dante, in the churchyard of the monumental Church of San Nicolò. , in Catania, a few meters from the carabinieri station. The military, attracted by lights and noises, practically caught him with the match in his hand while he set off a whole battery of fires, moreover of the forbidden type. The man was denounced for dangerous ignition and explosions and for disfigurement of a monumental historical asset. The police forces in the city are particularly committed to tackling this rampant and uncivilized new fashion that often risks creating dangerous for people and traffic.

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