Catania, find weapons and drugs in a manhole in via San Jacopo

As part of the services arranged by the provincial command aimed at restoring legality in the districts at risk of the Etna capital, the Carabinieri of the company of Fontanarossa, with the colleagues of the Dog Nucleus of Nicolosi, beaten inch by inch the area between the Zia Lisa district and the Sant’Agata Village.

During the service, precisely in via San Jacopo, the military, thanks also to the nose of the dogs, inside a manhole near number 34, found and seized:

  • 1 semiautomatic pistol brand Smith & Wesson cal. 45, with serial number partially abraded and in good condition (found stolen inside a villa in Asti on 31 October 2015);
  • 20 cartridges of the same caliber
  • 5 cellophane wrappers containing a total of 25 grams of bulk cocaine;
  • 43 doses of cocaine;
  • 76 doses of marijuana;
  • 3 precision scales, as well as the material commonly used by drug dealers to package the doses to be put on the market.

The gun seized, in the next few days, will be sent to the experts of the Ris of Messina for technical-ballistic investigations that could establish its possible use in previous criminal episodes.

Investigative investigations are underway to trace the identity of the custodian or custodians of what was seized.

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