Catania: Elderly woman robbed, perpetrator arrested after leaving traces outside her home

Arrested by the police in Catania after robbing an elderly woman on via Francesco Crispi. The 33-year-old man was captured shortly after the robbery in a building in the San Berillo Vecchio neighborhood. He was incriminated by some personal belongings of the victim found in front of the entrance and inside the building. The young man, found in an apartment, matched the physical description provided by the victim. The police also found clothes identical to those worn by the robber seen in surveillance footage at the scene of the crime. Following the arrest, the suspect was taken to prison by the police, with the approval of the prosecutor. In the following days, the judge of the court in Catania validated the arrest and imposed the precautionary measure of custody in prison.

Catania, rapina un’anziana ma lascia tracce davanti casa: arrestato

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