Catania duo caught with 60-gram cocaine stone: two arrested

The Carabinieri of the so-called “Squadra Lupi” in Catania have arrested two known criminals from Catania, aged 57 and 55, for the crime of drug possession with intent to distribute. During an evening inspection on Zia Lisa Street, they stopped a white Smart car with two individuals who appeared extremely nervous to the Carabinieri. This led to a search of the car. The Carabinieri’s attention was drawn to a cellophane package hidden under the driver’s seat, marked with a black permanent marker with the number fifty. The officers discovered that the package contained a 60-gram cocaine stone, which would have allowed the two drug dealers to produce numerous doses for commercialization and substantial profits. The drugs were seized for necessary laboratory analysis, while the two offenders were handed over to the judicial authority, who validated the arrests and ordered them to be placed under house arrest.

Catania, sopresi con una pietra di cocaina del peso di 60 grammi: due arrestati

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