Catania discovers violent robbery gang targeting merchants

Since the early morning of Tuesday, October 24th, the police in Catania have been carrying out an operation coordinated by the local prosecutor’s office to dismantle a criminal organization operating in Catania and the province, engaged in committing violent crimes against property. The operation has been named “Broken Chain”. Dozens of police officers are executing a preventive custody order against several individuals who are seriously suspected, with different levels of responsibility, of conspiracy to commit a series of robberies, extortion, thefts, drug trafficking, possession and carrying of weapons, and aggravated assault. Between October and December 2022, commercial establishments were targeted and their owners were violently attacked and terrorized under the threat of weapons. The surveillance footage shows the brutality with which the gang carried out the robberies.

Catania, scoperta la banda delle rapine violente ai commercianti

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