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The complaint of a father who cannot find new accommodation after the eviction


CATANIA – He looks for a house, but the owners disappear when they learn that their son is disabled: it is the absurd adventure in which a citizen of Catania, Giovanni Strano, found himself, denouncing the situation in a letter.

Strange lived with his family, in which there is also an autistic son, in a rented apartment, from which he was evicted because the owner intends to sell the house.
Now the family has until February next year to find a new accommodation, but after having started looking for it, Mr.
Strano made the bitter discovery: no guarantee or paper in order is enough, potential tenants close the door when they learn of the presence of an autistic tenant.
“I find it profoundly absurd – he reads in his letter – and honestly I feel offended by the ignorance and misinformation about autism and disability in general”.

The full text of the letter

In February 2023 I will have to leave the apartment where I have been renting, for several years, with my family.
In fact, the extension granted to me by the Civil Court of Catania expires following the eviction action brought by the owner.
I specify that the determination of the owner to proceed with the eviction lies in her precise desire to sell the apartment whose rents I have always paid on time to date, but which unfortunately I am unable to purchase due to the conditions set by the seller.

Therefore, for more than a year I have been looking for another home for rent, preferring the central area of ​​the city of Catania, but with immense amazement I was able to see enormous difficulties.
Apart from the dilapidated properties (with very high prices) that, in recent months, I have had the opportunity to visit, the biggest obstacle is the fact that I have a child with a disability.

Oh yes …
I realized, in spite of myself, that disability involves an impediment
the possibility and the right to find a home for rent.
In fact, every time I believed that I had found the right home for me and my family, provided the necessary guarantees required, when, for fairness, I pointed out that I have a disabled child, suddenly the door was closed in my face.

Honestly, I cannot understand the reasons for this attitude which, however, pains me, given that we frequently discuss the phenomenon of disability in families and in society, but above all of the fact that disability must not mean diversity, but inclusion.
However, this is not the case and, from my experience, I have concluded that we live in a decidedly hypocritical society.

“Diversity prevents my child from finding a home”

My son is 8 years old and he has autism.
He is a little boy like everyone else, perhaps a bit special
He regularly attends school, is constantly followed by our family and specialists, loves the relationship with others and is calm.
One should know him to understand how much there is to learn from him, from his diversity, from his progress; but it is precisely his diversity that prevents him from finding a roof to live in, despite being able to pay a rent.

All this I find deeply absurd and honestly feel offended by ignorance and misinformation against autism and disability in general.
It is clear that a serious cultural problem persists and it is always people like my son and family who are at the expense of it.
I hope to change my mind about so much obstruction, especially for the well-being of my son who has the right to have a peaceful life, despite his condition which cannot, I repeat, be a reason for discrimination.

I felt I was making known the situation in which I live currently with my family not because I believe I can find a solution, but because I think it is right to let people know that it is not true that disability is not diversity and my story is proof of this.

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2022-08-06 05:44:00

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