Catania, Daspo “out of context” to ultras “Skizzati Passarello” already detained

Catania – The Police Chief of Catania, applying a very recent law, issued the “out of context” sports Daspo against SG, 32, who was denied access to all states where football matches are held for the duration 5 years old. The law permits access to the stadiums to be forbidden to all those subjects who show social danger even in circumstances or facts not attributable to episodes of violence committed during sports matches. As a recidivist, as previously the recipient of a similar Daspo, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Catania, acknowledging the findings of the Police Headquarters, asked the GIP for the additional prescription to present himself at a police office during the matches of the Catania football team: this request , was validated by the GIP of the Court.

The subject in question, belonging to the well-known ultras group “Skizzati Passarello” of the North curve of the Angelo Massimino stadium, will begin to submit to the aforementioned provision as soon as he leaves the prison where he is still detained, because he was arrested by the Flying Squad in the “Minecraft” operation, in execution of the Custody in Prison Ordinance requested by the District Management Anti-mafia of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The man, in fact, was held responsible, together with 16 other people, for the crimes of illicit possession of narcotic substances and association aimed at drug trafficking and drug dealing, with the aggravating circumstance provided for and punished by art. 416 bis of the Criminal Code for having favored the mafia association called “Cappello-Bonaccorsi”.