Catania Court of Appeal overturns Ruggeri Trasporti’s confiscation

The Second Criminal Section of the Court of Appeal of Catania has revoked the confiscation of Ruggeri Trasporti srl and another individual company belonging to Francesco Ruggeri and his two sons, Giuseppe and Piero. The judges, however, confirmed the confiscation of two properties in Lentini (Siracusa) that were not owned by the three.

In 2020, the Catania Court, upon request of the Dda, ordered the seizure of the two companies, based in Lentini, considering them to be under the control of Filadelfo Emanuele Ruggeri, son of Francesco’s brother, who is a member of the Nardo clan linked to the Ercolano-Santapaola branch of Cosa Nostra. In October of last year, the Court ordered the confiscation of the two companies.

Francesco, Giuseppe, and Piero Ruggeri, represented by their defense lawyers Carmelo Peluso, Luigi Latino, and Santi Terranova, explained that “their companies were established using legitimate funds, and their growth is solely attributable to their hard work over the past thirty years and the contribution of legitimate capital.” They also stated that “two collaborators of justice, who were previously part of the Nardo clan in Lentini, have confirmed their complete innocence in the consortium.”

The Court of Appeal of Catania, considering that there is evidence to suggest that the Ruggeri companies cannot be attributed to third parties either in terms of the insertion of illicit funds or managerial aspects, has overturned the lower court’s decision to confiscate the two companies. It has ordered their return to the rightful owners and confirmed the rest of the lower court’s ruling.

Catania, la Corte d’appello revoca la confisca della Ruggeri Trasporti

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