Catania confronts the first reported cases of “annoying” window washers

Two window cleaners who were operating at the intersection between Via Vincenzo Giuffrida and Viale Raffaello Sanzio, causing traffic disruptions and annoying motorists, have been reported for beggar nuisance by the State Police. This is the first time that in Catania, the crime introduced in our system in 2018 by the so-called security decree and regulated by article 669 bis of the criminal code, has been applied to window cleaners who annoy drivers. One of the two window cleaners tried to flee but was caught and arrested for resisting a public official. The countermeasures against the phenomenon of window cleaners and illegal traders have been implemented by the Borgo Ognina police station – emphasized the Catania Police Headquarters – “as part of a general strengthening of territorial control activities by the State Police, intended to prevent and counter any phenomena of widespread illegality in the area.”

Lavavetri «molesti» denunciati a Catania, è la prima volta in città

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