Catania, Confesercenti’s fears for the extension of the orange zone: “Catering and related industries sacrificed”

CATANIA –We want to express all of ours concern about the decision to extend the orange zone to Sicily, beyond the indicated date of 10 May. We consider it a serious choice, as well as senseless, that once again sacrifices the entrepreneurial categories of catering is of the induced without their adequate involvement, which at such a terrible time for the island’s economy, they certainly did not lack their support and contribution in terms of reasonable alternative proposals“.

This was declared by the president of the Confesercenti metropolitan area of ​​Catania, Claudio Miceli, via an official note.

A choice that is all the more incomprehensible to us the more at least the numbers on infections would comfort a shy optimism – says Miceli – on the other, because the Region seems unable to put on the table a hypothesis that, taking into account the start of the summer, can widen the mesh to alternative outdoor solutions“.

Yet, the proposal to use verandas for those catering activities that do not have outdoor spaces, in addition to all those precautions and devices on social distancing already prepared since last May, seemed a good starting point. Instead, two weights and two measures continue to be used with an evident, distorted and instrumental myopia“.

For the merchants of the Confesercenti of the Metropolitan area of ​​Catania, the measure is full“, Concludes Miceli.

Image source: Facebook – Confesercenti Catania

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