Catania: Completion of Restroom Renovation at Cemetery on Via Acquicella

The City of Catania announces that “another step forward has been taken to restore functionality to the cemetery in via Acquicella.” Municipal councilor Giovanni Petralia, in particular, handed over the renovated toilets to the citizens, completing the renovation works that involved the two main bathroom stations within the cemetery area. The interventions were funded by the Trantino administration with economic resources from the municipal budget.

Petralia carried out an inspection to verify the conditions of the toilets, addressing an ongoing issue for the many citizens who visit the deceased. Petralia also announced that external surveillance systems have been planned to combat acts of incivility that unfortunately have occurred, even in the service area.

“The works to make the cemetery’s bathrooms functional,” explained Councilor Petralia, “are part of a broader action to restore the necessary decorum of the cemetery in via Acquicella, carried out in synergy with Mayor Trantino. For this reason, I can announce that renovation works on the central storage facility (mortuary) will start by early April, which also includes the renovation of the internal bathrooms. Additionally, by May/June, the activities to build external burial niches near the so-called ‘common fields’ will be completed.”

Catania, completati i lavori di sistemazione dei servizi igienici del cimitero di via Acquicella

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