Catania businessman neglects tax declarations: one million seized

The financial police of the provincial command of Catania, upon delegation from the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, have executed a preventive seizure order aimed at confiscating assets from a person from Catania, under investigation for the crime of tax evasion, for a total amount of approximately 1 million euros. Specifically, the military personnel of the First group of the Catania financial police conducted a tax audit on a Catania-based company operating in the supermarket management sector, which, from 2017 to 2021, did not file tax returns, evading income taxes and VAT for a total of 967,991.79 euros. It has been established, in the current stage of the proceedings where no contradictory procedure with the party has been initiated yet, that despite the company operating in the commercial circuit and certifying retail sales, thereby showing a semblance of fiscal regularity, it did not fulfill its tax obligations and consequently did not pay the taxes due. Based on the findings of the investigations carried out by the financial police, the judicial authority issued a precautionary measure that was executed in recent days, resulting in the preventive seizure of financial assets, company shares, and five vehicles belonging to the company and its administrator.

Catania, imprenditore sbadato non presenta le dichiarazioni fiscali: sequestrato un milione

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