Catania, asked for compensation of 15 million to the ultra ‘that killed Inspector Raciti

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The Presidency of the Council of Ministers, “to protect the tax interests”, has “expressed the desire to obtain compensation for the credit” of over 15 million euros claimed against Antonino Speziale, an ultrà of Calcio Catania sentenced definitively to eight years of imprisonment for the unintentional murder of the chief inspector Filippo Raciti, on February 2, 2007.
After the notification of the request to “make the payment of the sums”, with “a transfer within thirty days”, Speziale’s lawyer, the lawyer Giuseppe Lipera, communicated to the Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers that follows the practice that “the title has been challenged” and is “treated” in the context of a procedure pending before the Court of Appeal of Catania that “it will have to be pronounced on the application for suspension “advanced by the defender on its enforceability.

“It has been challenged – writes the communication criminal lawyer – since there are objective, concrete and well-founded reasons, especially in relation to the very serious and well-founded prejudices that may derive from its execution”.
With a sentence issued on May 13, 2021, the third civil section of the Court of Catania sentenced Speziale, at the time of the minor facts, to pay the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of the Interior 25,000 euros in non-pecuniary damages and 15 million for the patrimonial ones, the latter jointly and severally with Daniele Natale Micale, definitively sentenced to 11 years in prison for the intentional murder of Inspector Raciti.


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