Catania: Appellate court confirms 18-year sentence for friend’s fatal stabbing

The Court of Appeals in Catania has issued a conviction of 18 years, fully confirming the conviction issued in the first instance, against Daniela Agata Nicotra for the murder of Ylenia Bonavera (pictured), a 26-year-old woman from Messina, between 9th and 10th December 2020. Nicotra is responsible for fatally injuring her friend during an argument in the heart of the Etna city. Ylenia later died in the hospital due to the severity of her injuries. The surveillance footage of the area implicated Nicotra, capturing the heated argument between the two, Nicotra’s return with a knife, and the fatal stab to her friend. Ylenia had previously been attacked by her boyfriend, Alessio Mantineo, who attempted to set her on fire by throwing flammable liquid and a lit lighter at her. After a few years in Messina, Ylenia had moved to Catania.

Catania, uccise l’amica a coltellate: in appello confermata la condanna a 18 anni

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