Catania, another Sunday with a red stamp due to heat waves and fire risk but the whole island is at risk

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The Civil Protection of the Sicilian Region yesterday released an alert bulletin for the risk of fires and heat waves today, Sunday 3 July.
The heat wave will affect the whole island with a red alert level on Messina and Catania where the perceived temperatures will touch 37 degrees.
Red dot instead for the risk of fires in the provinces of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Ragusa, but also in this case the whole island is at risk.

I will therefore be a Sunday of fire in every sense.
Already yesterday in Catania alone there were 35 interventions concluded by the provincial command firefighters for various fires of vegetation and scrub in the city and in the province.
From Zaffarana Etnea to Adrano, from Santa Venerina to the A18 motorway, between Giarre and Acireale, from Scordia to Misterbianco.
The most important interventions concerned San Gregorio di Catania, in via Taormina and in via Giacomo Leopardi.

But how is the whole island that burns In Messina, the fires developed in Santa Margherita, Santa Venera, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and Piraino (contrada San Costantino), Casalvecchio Siculo (contrada Sant’Elia).
In Palermo, in Carini, in the cemetery area.
In the Nisseno area in Riesi (in the Palladio district), Mazzarino (the Rigiulfo district, the Brigadieci district, the Alzacudella district and the Budunetto district).
In the Trapani area of ​​Partanna (mountain district).
In the Ennese area of ​​Barrafranca, Piazza Armerina (district of Santa Caterina), where the flames were pushed towards the area of ​​the Bellia nature reserve and the Aosta military training base.
In the Agrigento area in Ribera (in the Musiti district) and Sciacca (in the Grattavole district).

On days like these, there is also great concern for the elderly.
Emiliano Abramo, president of the Community of Sant’Egidio, launches an appeal in support of the elderly inviting everyone, from citizens to institutions, to mobilize for them.
«We are worried – he says – for the condition of the elderly in such a hot summer.
We know that high temperatures aggravate the conditions of fragility and loneliness.
Therefore, we need to mobilize all, associations, parishes, realities of the territory, to save them from the heat and isolation ».

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Hence his appeal to create real networks around the elderly, to control them and help them in case of need, and not to make them feel alone.
A network in which even the newsagent, the pharmacist, the doorman, the salesman in the area, that is, those to whom the elderly usually go, can be activated to become “sentinels” who alert the children, or the contact persons, in case in which they do not see the elder for a few days.

“A way to prevent problems from becoming tragedies, as evidenced by the fact that in Italy the number of those who die in solitude has increased”.
Not only.
The network also supports the elderly for shopping, carrying bottles of water and for all the tasks that become particularly heavy, difficult and risky in the heat.
This is the philosophy that has guided the “Long live the elderly” project of the Community of Sant’Egidio, which takes care of 600 people in old age.
The group’s volunteers tracked down the elders of the first Town Hall, the historic center, identifying the name, address, telephone number of them and of their children or closest relatives.
Information through which the Community volunteers carry out a monitoring activity of the health of the elderly by making a phone call to them every three days, a visit a week, or by going to find them solicited by the network of “sentinels” that report difficulties and problems, as can the elder himself or his family.

With a view to supporting the elderly, especially in this difficult phase of the year, the Community of Sant’Egidio is preparing to publish and distribute to the elderly population a leaflet in which good practices are indicated for coping with the summer heat, i.e.
good conduct of life so that you can stay in your own home.
For example, the elderly are advised to hydrate themselves well, that is, to drink a lot of water, at least two liters a day, or 10 glasses of water, and this is because, not feeling thirsty, many do not hydrate.
Furthermore, they are advised to avoid coffee, drink alcoholic or carbonated drinks because they contain sugar and eat light meals without many condiments.
It is good to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.
In addition, tips are given on how to manage certain aspects of daily life.
People with diabetes should take great care in the sun.
It explains how to ventilate the house and in what hours, how to direct the fan so as not to expose yourself directly and prevent it from creating problems, how to use any air conditioners to avoid sudden changes in temperature and consequent discomfort.
All information that will be explained to those directly involved.

Finally, the Community of Sant’Egidio makes its telephone number 095/2967861 available to report emergencies of various kinds, from the sense of weakness or fainting, to headaches, to drop in blood pressure.
One way to alert you immediately to any problems and to ensure that the elderly in difficulty are reached immediately.


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