Catania Airport closed until 8 PM, city restricts vehicles to 30 mph due to volcano ash.

The recent eruption of Mount Etna has caused disruptions in Catania. The airport has been closed until 8 pm today, and the mayor has issued an ordinance restricting the circulation of two-wheeled vehicles and limiting the speed of vehicles in the city. The streets are being cleaned of volcanic ash, and citizens are advised to deposit the ash near their homes. Excursions to the summit of the volcano are also prohibited. The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology has observed lava activity and ash emissions, which have affected the southern sector of the volcano. Seismic and infrasonic activity have also been recorded, with tremors decreasing in intensity. Deformation signals indicate decompression in certain areas.

Aeroporto di Catania chiuso fino alle 20, in città niente moto e auto solo a 30 all’ora per la cenere del vulcano

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