Catania, agricultural producers in a state of agitation. Unprecedented crisis

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The territories of the Plain of Catania, Syracuse up to Ragusa are the most affected

Sicilian agriculture is going through “a dramatic phase, grappling with an unprecedented crisis that is not sparing any sector, amid runaway production costs and adverse weather conditions.
The high temperatures of these days, the highest in the last 60 years, are creating irreversible damage to the production and the territory, prey to devastating fires that make a landscape poorer in some places similar to desertified areas.
The territories of the Plain of Catania, Syracuse up to Ragusa are the most affected “.
The alarm was raised by the president Francesco Favata and the council coordinator Giosuè Catania of CIA Eastern Sicily.

Cia Eastern Sicily wants to keep “high attention” on the current emergencies and to urge the institutions in charge at any level so that adequate solutions are found to prevent the closure of thousands of farms and to guarantee a decent income to agricultural businesses and the guarantee employment.
Farmers declare a state of agitation and are ready for joint mobilization “calling governments to fully assume their responsibilities”.
Agriculture is now experiencing “an irreversible tragedy if we do not intervene with clear and strong measures against agricultural enterprises.
All forms of speculation must be stopped.
Many agricultural businesses suffer from liquidity stress conditions and need support from the institutions to be able to overcome the difficult moment and be ready to face the restart phase that everyone hopes will take place as soon as possible.
By now structural and infrastructural problems that must certainly be faced with a change of pace compared to the past “.


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