Cat tortured with firecrackers in Brolo, the revolt of animal rights activists: bounty of 6 thousand euros to those who report the perpetrator

A cat he comes tortured with i firecrackers and animal rights activists put a bounty of 6 thousand euros for those who file a complaint. It happened to Broloin the province of Messina, where due to firecrackers a kitten had an amputated paw amputated and it now seems that it also has little chance of surviving.

The bounty of 6,000 euros was placed by the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment (Aidaa) on the head of the manager or managers. The incident took place in via Onorevole Germana.
A complaint was also filed with the Patti prosecutor’s office.

«It is a criminal and shameful act, and unfortunately we believe it is not destined to remain isolated – writes Aidaa in a note -. And don’t say that it’s just a cat, as many do, that cat abused by firecrackers who, in addition to having severed his paw, have left marks and burns on his fur and body, he deserves respect. We are providing a reward of 6,000 euros which will be paid to those who, with their complaint or testimony given to the police according to the procedures established by law, will help to identify and definitively convict the person responsible or responsible for this crime».

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