Cat mauled by three dogs in Partinico: two complaints filed

The shocking video of a cat being torn apart by dogs in Partinico has sparked heavy backlash. The blame is being pointed at the owner of the three dogs, with animal welfare associations filing complaints. One is addressed to the prosecutor’s office to request the seizure of the dogs, as they were allegedly used improperly as a weapon in the possession of an unfit person. Another is aimed at the police chief of Palermo to revoke any possible licenses and firearms owned by the owner. The complaints were filed by the associations Stop Animal Crimes Italy and Un’Anima Mille Zampe di Alcamo. According to the associations, this incident is further proof of the lack of effective protection for animals, with many cases going unaddressed. They also criticized the lack of action from local authorities in other animal welfare cases. This includes dogs being left on balconies and a hunting dog found wandering with an electric shock collar and no microchip to identify the owner. This incident highlights the need for better protection and intervention for animals in these situations.

Il gatto fatto sbranare da tre cani a Partinico: inviati due esposti

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