Casting for new Sicilian Cabaret talent, how to participate

The casting for new talents of Sicilia Cabaret has begun. Matranga and Minafò, the comedic duo behind Sicilia Social Star production house, are searching for new comedians from all over the island for their regional and beyond projects. The chosen comedians will have the opportunity to be part of television, theater, and film projects. After the success of their films on Amazon Prime Video, the duo is holding open auditions for men and women from all over Sicily. Applicants are required to send an email to [email protected] with their name, surname, city of origin, and educational background, whether it’s a high school diploma or a theater certificate. Matranga and Minafò stress that experience is not necessary, as long as there is a willingness to get on stage and make people laugh.

Al via i casting per i nuovi talenti di Sicilia Cabaret, ecco come partecipare

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