Castelvetrano, killed by her husband: the prosecutor digs through the messages of the two spouses

The Prosecutor of Marsala has ordered “non-repeatable technical investigations” on the two mobile phones and the laptop seized after the murder of 29-year-old Maria Amatuzzo, killed on Christmas Eve, in Marinella di Selinunte, a seaside village of Castelvetrano, by her husband Ernesto Favara , aged 63, who at the height of a dispute inflicted twelve stab wounds on the woman in the abdomen.

When the carabinieri arrived in via Cassiopea, where the couple lived, the man, a former fisherman, still had the bloodstained murder weapon in his hand. Now, the prosecutor Stefania Tredici, owner of the investigation, has commissioned a technical consultant to verify the existence in the telephone conversations between the young woman and her husband (wattsapp messages, sms, etc.) of every detail that could be relevant for the purposes of investigations. Recovering, if possible, even deleted messages. The consultant was given 30 days to complete her task, reporting even earlier in case she had to finish her work early.

Currently, Ernesto Favara is locked up in the prison of Trapani. Last December 27, in the guarantee interrogation before the investigating judge of the Court of Marsala Sara Quittino, the former fisherman reconstructed what would have happened on Christmas Eve, up to the moment in which he launched the fatal stab wounds. «We discussed for a few minutes – Favara would have said to the investigating judge – and she reiterated to me that she would leave home forever, content with seeing the children for an hour a week … At that moment I saw a ghost ». Then, she added: “Since August 27 she had left home several times.” The lawyer Margherita Barraco defends the murderer, while Maria Amatuzzo’s father, as a family member of the victim, is assisted by the lawyer Vito Daniele Cimiotta. The young woman killed lived in Partinico before marrying the man who then killed her.

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