Castelvetrano: Animals seized at Carimi farm park – “Detained without authorization”

Animals were seized at the Carimi farm park in Castelvetrano. The operation was carried out by the forest police of the anti-crime nature center in Palermo, along with veterinary personnel from Asp di Trapani and WWF. Among the many legally kept animals, nineteen were held without the necessary permits. The owner was reported and several illegally held animals without documentation were seized. The park-farm also houses a camel and a zebra. The seized animals include eight wild boars, four fallow deer, two mouflons, two hedgehogs, and two kangaroos of the bridled wallaby species. These species are considered potentially dangerous to public health and safety according to Italian regulations. Special prefectural authorization is required for their detention, unless it is a regularly authorized farm by the region, which defines the detention conditions and the maximum number of allowed specimens. Additionally, a grey parrot and an Oriental Rosella were found, both species included in the endangered list. CITES documentation is required to prove their captivity-born status, excluding their capture from the wild. All the animals found in good health were entrusted to the facility, pending identification of suitable and duly authorized places for their detention. The Carimi farm park is well-known in Sicily, and it was opened in 2014 in memory of Filippo Carimi’s son, Rosario, who had a passion for nature and animals. The park also organizes the Bethlehem Village, a Christmas nativity scene open to visitors.

Castelvetrano, sequestrati animali al parco-fattoria Carimi: «Detenuti senza autorizzazione»

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