Castellammare passes in the Italian Cup

The Italian Cup path for Monreale ends at the first step. After the excellent 1-1 outside of the first leg, the biancazzurro club was unable to close the Castellammare practice at home. In fact, the guests won 0-2 but despite what the result suggests, the dispute was fought.

To mark the history of the match was the expulsion in the first half of the outside greeting for an episode that occurred in the Castellamarese half. Despite the numerical inferiority, Mr. Bennardo’s team remained in the game anyway, becoming dangerous on several occasions and touching the advantage with the attacker Fofana whose attempt, born from a good initiative on the left-hand out of the full-back Procida, was rejected by the goalkeeper Di Paola. Even Castellammare for its part has created its opportunities by gradually gaining meters especially after the expulsion with the Monreale goalkeeper Marineo who distinguished himself for a couple of important interventions. In the second half, Monreale nearly took the lead with a splendid free-kick from Ruggeri that really came out of a whisker: however, the winning lunge was found by Castellammare with Maltese quick in scoring in tap-in following a great save by Marineo on Tarantino . After the advantage, Castellammare plays on the wings of enthusiasm in the face of a Monreale that after spending a lot of money begins to lose brilliance. The guests manage to find the definitive knockout a few minutes after the first advantage thanks to Barone who heads the ball once again after a great rejection by Marineo in a scrum situation. The Monreale in the final minutes of the match became dangerous with some attempts from distance without hitting the big target. Despite the defeat, the team coached by Mr. Bennardo can be satisfied for the far from submissive attitude he had outnumbered against a Castellammare who proved to be a group with ideas and technical contents. Beyond the regret about how it could have gone without being sent off in the first half, the indications from the match are more than comforting.

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