Casteldaccia and the sale of the civil service. "They are young neighbors, then we can find them again"


A list with the names to be employed and the promises of work in exchange for the vote: there is a lot of Sicily, of the ancient one that remains modern, in the events of the Municipality of Casteldaccia that led to the arrest yesterday morning of almost half a junta Di Giacinto – in addition to the first citizen also his deputy Giuseppe Montesanto and the Education Commissioner Maria Tomasello. All three are accused of acts contrary to official duties, because they have signed a social partnership agreement between the Municipality of Casteldaccia and the Luna Nuova social cooperative: officially to promote initiatives aimed at preventing and combating violence against women and minors, in reality, according to the accusation, with the aim of having an electoral return.

Mainly accused the municipal resolution n ° 78 of 7 September 2018, with which …

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