Cassation Court: Lack of evidence of pact between Lombardo and mafia.

The Court of Cassation’s sixth criminal section has declared inadmissible the appeal by the Prosecutor General of Catania against the acquittal of former governor of Sicily, Raffaele Lombardo, from charges of external mafia conspiracy and electoral crime aggravated by mafia favoritism. The court stated that to prove the external cooperation in the mafia association, there must be evidence that the politician, through an exchange agreement, ensured the organization’s control over all or part of the political-administrative activities once elected. The court emphasized that the existence of relationships with mafia representatives alone is not sufficient evidence. The court also stated that knowledge of mafia infiltration in economic activities related to public administrations is a prerequisite and cannot be considered as proof itself. Lombardo, who has always denied any contact with mafia members, expressed relief and stated that truth and justice prevailed in a judicial process that has greatly impacted his life and the history of Sicily.

La Cassazione: manca la prova del patto tra Lombardo e la mafia

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