Cassation annuls lawyer’s conviction in Agrigento

The Court of Cassation has put an end to the trial against the lawyer Francesca Picone and her sister Concetta, a consultant, who were convicted five years ago for alleged extortion and attempted extortion of the families of disabled clients. The Court also annulled the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Palermo, which had reclassified the charges as “arbitrary exercise of their own rights with violence or threats”. The new trial will only address civil effects, as the statute of limitations for the crime has expired. The initial accusation did not hold up in court, and the Court of Appeal ruled that the economic demands were not unjustified, but the methods used were illegal. The Court of Cassation partially accepted the defense’s appeal and ordered a new trial for the charge of “arbitrary exercise of their own rights.”

«Non fu estorsione», la Cassazione annulla la condanna di un avvocato di Agrigento

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