Cassarà Park, steps forward for opening: environmental surveys completed

Environmental surveys have been completed in the “green sub area” inside the “Ninni Cassarà” Urban Park, which covers approximately 60% of the park closed in 2014 following the discovery of pollutants in the ground.

There were twelve cores provided for in the contract signed in November with a private company for an amount of approximately 95 thousand euros, with both soil and groundwater samples being taken. The results of the analyzes, the outcome of which is subject to reopening for public use, are expected within two weeks. This extends for about 15 hectares and is accessible from Corso Pietro Pisani.

“We really hope that this important step can finally be taken to give citizens back a green area – say the mayor Leoluca Orlando and the councilor Sergio Marino – which represents an important area where you can carry out outdoor activities, socializing, play and leisure “.