Caso Shalabayeva: Cassazione seeks annulment of acquittal for former police chief Cortese.

The deputy prosecutor general of the Court of Cassation, Luigi Giordano, has requested the annulment of the acquittals of the defendants in the Shalabayeva case. In his plea this morning, Giordano urged the Fifth Criminal Section of the Supreme Court to accept the appeal filed by the Perugia general prosecutor’s office against the verdict of the appellate judges, who acquitted all the defendants, including former heads of the mobile squad and immigration office of the Rome police headquarters, Renato Cortese and Maurizio Improta. According to Giordano, a new appeal trial should be held: “There was a legitimate police operation to search for a fugitive, which then changed and became an expulsion operation, an operation with a significant anomaly, as it also involved a minor daughter,” the magistrate highlighted in his plea. The Court of Cassation, whose ruling is expected in the coming hours, is called to decide whether to accept or reject the appeal by the Umbrian general prosecutor’s office against the acquittals, pronounced on appeal because the accusation of kidnapping against Cortese, Improta, and three other police officers, Francesco Stampacchia, Luca Armeni, and Vincenzo Tramma, was considered unfounded. Alma Shalabayeva, the wife of Kazakh dissident Mukhtar Ablyazov, was deported to Kazakhstan in May 2013 along with their minor daughter. In the 44-page appeal document, the Perugia general prosecutor’s office argues that the appellate verdict “appears flawed, as it acquitted the defendants without reexamining the testimony of the prosecution witnesses, all considered unreliable.”

Caso Shalabayeva, in Cassazione chiesto l’annullamento dell’assoluzione per l’ex questore di Palermo Cortese

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