cases are decreasing and 60.8% of Sicilians have been vaccinated

Editorial staff 16 September 2021 10:40

Share In Sicily, in the week 8-14 September, an improved performance was recorded for cases currently positive for Covid per 100 thousand inhabitants (523) and there was a decrease in new cases (-25.8%) compared to the previous week. The report of the Gimbe foundation says so. The beds in the medical area and in intensive care occupied by Covid-19 patients are above the saturation threshold. The population that has completed the vaccination cycle is equal to 60.8% (Italian average 68%) to which an additional 6.6% (Italian average 6.1%) must be added with the first dose only; the population over 50 who did not receive any dose of vaccine was 16.8% (Italy average 11.1%); the population 12-19 years that did not receive any vaccine dose was 41.3% (Italy average 33.7%); These are the new cases of the last week divided by province: Syracuse 178, Messina 168, Catania 129, Ragusa 124, Trapani 110, Enna 106, Palermo 97, Caltanissetta 66, Agrigento 59 .

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