Cartour “DELTA”: Minutes, “Positive sailors landed and isolated. Ship sanitized and safe. Personnel subjected to molecular”

April 6, 2021

The Delta ship has already been sanitized and will be sanitized again by this afternoon. The personnel who tested positive have already been disembarked and placed in solitary confinement”He declares on the phone Tiziano Minuti, Head of Human Resources and Group Communications Caronte & Tourist.

“The seafarers currently remaining safely on the ship will be subjected to a molecular swab, the outcome of which will be provided to the Company within a few hours. We reiterate that all seafarers on board at the moment are negative to the rapid test, but for greater certainty we await the outcome of the molecular. We have already replaced the staff currently in solitary confinement”Concludes Minuti.

We work, eat and sleep all together“Is heard in the phone call between the seafarers and our editorial staff,”we may very well have contracted the virus“. The sailors, negative to the rapid, remain awaiting, we repeat, the outcome of the molecular.

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