Cartoon iCons, FringeSiciliafan cartoons arrive at MEC in Palermo

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The Pop art of the world-famous (and anonymous) South African artist arrives in Palermo after Johannesburg, Berlin, Paris, London and Milan.
At the MEC museum 13 works inspired by the Steve Jobs brand.

What do Snow White and Mickey Mouse, Snoopy and Linus, Popeye and Olivia, Alice and Alfred E Neuman, mascot of the American humor magazine Mad Magazine have in common? Apparently nothing.

They are the new protagonists of ‘Cartoon iCons‘, the exhibition that opens on 6 July at MEC museum of Palermo and which sees the South African pop artist of international fame exhibit for the first time in Sicily Fringe.
Renowned all over the world for his singular and recognizable style, after having exhibited four times at the Daville Baillie Gallery in Johannesburg, in Australia, the United States and in various parts of Europe (Berlin, Paris, London, Milan) now the inspiration of the artist whose identity no one knows (he prefers to remain anonymous) arrives in Palermo.

Until October 31st 13 works by the architect and entrepreneur created especially for the well-known Palermo museum-restaurant are on display Giuseppe Forello and which belong to the brand of Steve Jobs.
The exhibition curated by Miliza Rodicpromoted by MEC Museum and sponsored by Geraci water focuses on the themes that recur most often in Fringe’s art: love, family values ​​and the joyful moments of childhood, which characterize all of his works.

The protagonists of this new exhibition are the artist’s favorite childhood characters who allude to the world of art photography (Diane Arbus in particular) and cinema (Kubrick’s Shining) belong to the world of Disney cartoons and comics in general.
, and they share explicit references to the brand of the most famous bitten apple in the world.
So in a riot of colors we find Snow White holding an apple no longer poisoned but multicolored (which is nothing more than the very first Apple logo, the one with the rainbow colors to be clear); Super-technological Mickey Mouse with an iPhone 13 on display, Popeye intent on taking a selfie while Olivia scrambles him with kisses, Alice also with an iPhone in her hand, and Snoopy and Linus depicted several times in different ways: sitting under a tree of apples (a clear homage to Isaac Newton), in another dressed in festive clothes refer to the Grady twins, so called in Kubrick’s film, The Shining, where also there appears a tribute to the famous shot of Arbus, of the Wade twins.
In another canvas still entitled “It is” the twins ‘Wade-Grady’ end up having the head of Alfred E Neuman, mascot of the American satirical magazine Mad Magazine and a well-known character in Anglo-Saxon culture.

The element of childhood, which can be the toy or the comic and cartoon character, often recurs in Fringe’s works.
“In this exhibition, each of Fringe’s work has a clear reference to his childhood and his favorite cartoon characters that are projected by the artist, through his imagination, into the world of Apple.
– Explains the curator Miliza Rodic – Fringe represents his apparently very cheerful and funny characters, but with a closer look you can notice a veiled sadness.
His intent is to create an art that makes you think and smile at the same time “.
In 2020, the South African artist also produced a series of limited edition sculptures entitled ‘Gutinke Meine’ which recall the passage of time in a child’s life.
The series of sculptures, made of bronze and polyurethane, characterize the joyful moments of childhood.

Officially incorporating a brand like Apple into his neo pop art is an honor for Fringe who in this regard declares: “Anyone who has touched a computer of any kind knows what a bitten apple is.
The logo has nothing to do with the creation myth, it has more to do with Isaac Newtown and his stunt with the apple when he defined gravity.
This was the starting point for the logo design, and the basic definition of Newtown’s law of universal gravitation has a lot to do with the subtext of my images: Every particle attracts every other particle in the universe with a force that it is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distance “.
We are love bunnies who, at best, attract each other with a force directly proportional to the product of our mass.
That weight can be the weight of our intellect, our conscience, or our hatred.
I think art attracts like-minded people who like to see their thinking represented.
That is why in my new series I have used the rainbow apple to show how life in general is a series of encounters that are more about confirming our beliefs than opening up to new possibilities.
It may seem a bit critical but we must always remember that when Eva bit the apple she was really looking for a new adventure ”.

Free entry.
Visits by reservation only from Monday to Saturday (19.30 – 22.00).

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