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Carolina Varchi (FdI): “We are in the field in Palermo and we work for a united center-right”

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Carolina Varchi is in full election campaign in Palermo.
Fratelli d’Italia rejoices, in Sicily it reaches the primacy, it is the party to which the Sicilians would entrust the government of the Region and the administrative offices of Palermo.

Absolutely yes, the surveys not only those commissioned by us confirm a photograph both on Palermo and on the Sicilian Region with Fratelli d’Italia first party.
All this would not have been possible without the guidance of Giorgia Meloni who manages to chart the right course.

In Palermo there are currently a dozen candidates from the center-right, will there be a synthesis or will there be a clash?

Fratelli d’Italia works for the “ceasefire” within the center-right.
For us, the united coalition is a guarantee of governability.
We are convinced that a broad coalition is an opportunity for everyone.
In Palermo we are in the field with our proposal.
I am flattered that both the territorial leaders of my party and President Meloni have proposed my candidacy in Palermo to the center-right table.
In addition to the list of Fratelli d’Italia and Diventerà Bellissima, there will be a list linked to my candidacy that will host entrepreneurs and exponents of Palermo’s civil society.
We are in the field, we work for a united center-right, if this does not happen we do not fear the judgment of the Palermitans.

President Musumeci said that if the center-right is united in Sicily, it will lead the way in the national elections.
Micciché on his part said that Forza Italia’s candidate is Francesco Cascio.
Is it possible to summarize with Forza Italia?

In my opinion, synthesis is possible.
I have to make a clarification on the regional government.
To date, all the center-right parties are all in the government of the Region with their councilors who are working well.
Beyond the rumors, there was no clear-cut stance that explains why Nello Musumeci who is a outgoing candidate should not be a candidate.
Until the debate is brought to concrete issues, for us Musumeci remains the candidate, as in all the regions and municipalities where the center-right has governed.
After that Sicily with 5 and a half million inhabitants, is a large region with all the peculiarities, geographical, cultural, infrastructural of tradition and identity that Sicily has.
It has often been a political laboratory and will certainly have an influence on national elections, we hoped for early elections, unfortunately, they will be celebrated at the end of the term.
Sicily is important, the center-right cannot be wrong and cannot divide, we want a frank relationship with the allies, we want to understand their positions beyond the rumors that the newspapers report.

Carolina Varchi, the League has launched “Italy First” in Sicily, with Vincenzo Figuccia saying that Meloni cannot take everything, and says, either leave Varchi in Palermo or leave Musumeci to the Region.

In reality, Enzo Figuccia, who is a good parliamentarian very attached to his territory, does not have the time to observe what is happening elsewhere.
He would have noticed that the Lega has indicated the candidate for mayor of the coalition in Milan while governing with Attilio Fontana.
I don’t understand why what happens in Milan, where the Lega is the first party in the coalition, cannot happen in Sicily, where it is clear that the first party in the coalition is Brothers of Italy.
It even seems that the League is not present in the elections, because they have decided not to expose themselves with the symbol of their party.
A choice, for heaven’s sake, that I understand, respect, but it does not belong to the way of doing politics.
We never lowered our flag, even when the polls weren’t so favorable, when people didn’t recognize our symbol.
For us it is a question of coherence but also of clarity towards the voter who when he sees Brothers of Italy written, with the tricolor flame he knows that he always finds us.

Mr Varchi, you are very active in Palermo, the big names have also arrived, but you have not formalized your candidacy for the press together with the three lists that will join you, will it happen soon?

Yes, this will certainly happen soon, even if we publicly exposed ourselves already in November when Giorgia Meloni herself launched my candidacy, and then with Giovanni Donzelli, who is our head of the organization, and again the meetings with Ignazio.
La Russa, Francesco Lollobrigida, with Marco Osnato we listened to the production activities of the trade segment, convinced as we are that good things can come from listening to those who are personally involved.
All these meetings were attended by very authoritative delegations also from Diventerà Bellissima, the press gave the news, and the group leader Alessandro Aricò was always at my side.
Our candidacy is the clearest, most transparent and the most open to dialogue with citizens.

Will there be two different lists for the regional ones or will Diventerà Bellissima and Fratelli d’Italia be together?

This has to be decided, it is a reasoning that we are doing.
We will certainly walk side by side as formalized by Giorgia Meloni but technically the formulas will be the subject of considerations to be carried out elsewhere at a central level.